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Will The Buddyrider Fit My Bike?

Below is a step by step way to help determine if the Buddyrider will fit your bike.

First of all there are 3 important points to note:
1. A traditional ladies bike with the lower frame in front of the seat allows you to mount the bike by stepping through and then sitting. This can no longer be accomplished with the Buddyrider mounted there. You must mount and dismount the bike gentleman style straight over the seat from the side. When not riding with your dog, you can easily remove the Buddyrider with the Quick Release Pin, so that you can mount/dismount lady style

2. If your bike has a suspension seat post, this must be replaced with a rigid seat post so that the Buddyrider is mounted high enough both for fit, and your comfort. They are available at most bike stores.

3. If you have a carbon fiber or titanium seat post you must replace it with an aluminum or steel seat post.

Fitting Checklist:


If you answered "yes" to all of the above questions it is very likely that Buddyrider will fit your bike.
Some exceptions may apply.

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