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With a Buddyrider®, your dog sits in a comfortable secured position in front of the rider and between the seat and the handlebars. This optimizes the riding experience for both rider and buddy alike by allowing both a full field of view while at the same time keeping both essentially snuggled together. Riders and dogs love this!

The Buddyrider® is centrally mounted between the rider and the handlebar. This gives the rider better balance and control because the additional weight is more evenly distributed at the center of the bike – not on the handlebars or rear wheel.

Buddyrider’s® central positioning also allows the rider to interact with their buddy – so you’re always in tune with how your dog is reacting to the bike and the surrounding environment.

Your dog is secured in the Buddyrider® using a four-point system, including a collar and four tie-down straps. Two tie-down straps are attached to the front of the seat of the Buddyrider®. Two are positioned at the back.  Each tie-down is threaded through the collars so you can adjust the fit for your dog.

The Buddyrider® is designed to let your dog adjust its position to whatever’s most comfortable. Your buddy can sit upright or rest its front paws on the paw deck.

To get your buddy ready for their first ride, we recommend getting them comfortable in the seat while it is on the ground. Have a few treats ready to help encourage them if they’re hesitant. 

Once you and your dog are ready, attach the Buddyrider® to your bike. Put your dog in and walk your bike to get them used to the idea, praising them along the way.  When your dog is comfortable, start with short rides to see how they do and then slowly increase the distance.

Many of our riders report that their buddies are fully adjusted to their Buddyriders® after a few short rides.

The Buddyrider® is designed for dogs between 2.75kg (6lbs) and 11.34kg (25lbs) with as much flexibility as possible. . Dogs, like humans, come in all different shapes and sizes!  Reference this page to help you determine if your dog will fit your Buddyrider®. If it doesn’t fit, not to worry - return it within 60 days.

The Buddyrider® has been designed to fit the vast majority of bike styles. Check out our Bike Guide to confirm. If it doesn’t fit, not to worry - return it within 60 days.

Because the Buddyrider® receiver is made out of aluminum, it could potentially damage the carbon fiber or titanium seat posts.  If you have a carbon fiber/titanium seat post, you should replace it with an aluminum or steel seat post before attaching your Buddyrider®. 

A quick-release pin-and-clip makes it easy to remove your Buddyrider® from your bike. A discreet, 10.16cm (4") receiver stays on the seat post – so you’re always ready to re-attach and go for a ride with your buddy!

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Shipping is calculated at the time of checkout based on your location and the weight of your order.

If you didn't receive an order confirmation, check your spam folder.  If you can not find your order confirmation, please email us at info@buddyrider.com and we will resend it to you.

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Orders are typically processed and shipped on the same day. If you want to cancel, send us an email at info@buddyrider.com – if your order has not been fulfilled, we’ll start the cancellation process. If it has, you can return your Buddyrider® within 60 days.

We want you to love your Buddyrider® as much as we do. If you don’t – if your dog doesn’t fit your Buddyrider® or if it doesn’t fit your bike – you have 60 days from receipt of your order to return it with all its original packaging. Please ensure all the parts are wrapped carefully to prevent any damage or pieces from going missing.

You can return your Buddyrider® within 60 days from the day of receipt.

Once we receive your return, we will process your refund. How quickly your return is deposited in your account will depend on your bank. We will notify you once the refund is processed.

We take great pride in the quality of our Buddyrider®, so if there’s an issue with your product, we offer a 2-year manufacturer's guarantee against defects in material and workmanship. To make a warranty claim, email us at info@buddyrider.com. Please include: 

  • Order number 
  • Description of the issue with photos