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About Buddyrider®

Colin Catton, Buddyrider Designer

Our Story

The Buddyrider story starts, like many other invention stories, with someone searching for a better way— in this case— a better way to safely carry children on a bike. Unhappy with the rear mounted child seat that he had previously purchased and used for transporting his  children,  Colin Catton, from Vancouver Island , Canada, took a standard bicycle seat and attached it to the cross bar of his  bicycle as an experiment. The central positioning proved to be a much safer option due to the better weight distribution and ease of handling and provided a more satisfying riding experience for both child and adult. The children eventually moved on to riding their own bikes, but the experience of carrying a passenger directly in front of the rider convinced him that he was on to something. 

His children did as children do, they grew up and created their own lives and, in their place, appeared a new four-legged family member— Jack. Jack was a feisty and friendly Jack Russell who simply wanted to go everywhere that his humans went, and this included their frequent bike rides. “He just had to go everywhere we went, and he would not take no for an answer.” Colin reminisces.  It was obvious to Colin that Jack wanted and needed a bicycle seat of his own.

The first version started with a plastic bucket cut away and attached to the bike’s cross bar. “From the very first moment Jack climbed aboard, he sat down with his front paws resting on the handlebars and I knew it was the way it should be”, says Colin.  Many prototypes later, with many hours of testing and enjoyment, the Buddyrider® was born.  Today the Buddyrider® is sold worldwide doing what they were designed to do, which is safely and satisfyingly weaving together our love of our pets with our love of bicycling. 

As the new owners of the company we recognize that at the heart of Buddyrider and encoded into its DNA is a bond between a “man and his dog”— connection. Riding a bike alone is a great way to get some exercise, and in many ways feel better but by adding a little buddy to your ride,  having them sit up front between your arms with ears flapping in the breeze,  taking in all the sights, smells and sounds, barking at the squirrels is a decidedly different and profoundly more meaningful experience.

Today there are forces in our economies and societies that are not good for us. For many, emotional distress such as depression, anxiety, addiction, and loneliness are simply facts of life and some of these people have found Colin’s invention and discovered that they felt better for having used it.  We continue to receive heartwarming stories from people describing just how meaningful their Buddyrider was and is to them. Our little company, with the connection between Colin and Jack at its heart, will let “feeling” inform what we do as a company and who we work with. Adding meaningful value to people’s lives is the essential role of society and all its institutions including its commercial ones and forms the essence of what honourable commerce is about. It will be our task to ensure that Buddyrider® is positioned to have the impact it is worthy of. 

I leave the final words to Colin, the man who started it all, “ If you decide to purchase a Buddyrider®, I'm sure you will have many hours of healthy outdoor enjoyment with your best friend, the way we have with ours.” 

Colin remains on Vancouver Island today with his wife Diane spending as much time as possible on his boat and in his shop tinkering with his next invention.  Buddyrider® continues, with General Manager Shelley MacDonald, and her excellent crew of Buddyrider® enthusiasts.

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