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Setting up your Buddyrider®

  • 1. Check all parts are included.

  • 2. Raise the front platform and secure the center support arm with the blue screw and one of the washers. Do not over-tighten.

  • 3. Attach the collar to the 4 tie-down straps as shown. Clips will be in front and behind the neck and connected to the Buddyrider® via the straps on the sides. Leave the collar unclipped for now.

  • 4. Get your buddy comfortable in the seat while it is on the ground. Try treats to entice them to sit in the Buddyrider® if they hesitate to get in. Make sure that they fit in comfortably. Adjust the collar width to the size of your dog’s neck and ensure that it clips in safely and securely.

  • 5. Attach the receiver to your bicycle seat post with the open end facing up. At least 4cm (1.75”) of the post must be exposed. Position the receiver as high up the seat post as possible to maximize legroom while pedaling.

  • 6. Insert metal support arm with the flat plate facing up into the receiver. Secure with the quick release pin and R-clip as shown.

  • 7. Position the seat on the arm as far forward as possible without interfering with your handlebars or steering post. Mark this position on the bar with a pencil behind the pet seat. Remove the pet seat and then remove the metal support arm from the bike using the quick release pin.

  • 8. Position the pet seat as close to the pencil mark as possible while lining up the holes. Using the four red screws and washers provided, mount the pet seat to the metal bar. Make sure all four screws are in position before tightening. Do not over-tighten.

  • 9. Install the assembled pet seat to the bicycle using the quick release pin and secure with the R-clip provided.

  • 10. With the collar attached to the Buddyrider®, place your pet in the seat, connect the two clips to secure your as needed.

  • 11. Before your first ride, place your buddy in the seat while it is attached to your bike and try walking around. Praise your pet and reward them with a treat.

  • 12. You’re ready to ride! Hop on your bike and ride slowly for short distances working your way up to longer rides once your buddy is used to their Buddyrider®. Before your ride every time double check that your screws are fastened tightly.

Tips for safe riding with your buddy

Use your harness

Like a seat belt on a child's car seat, the Buddyrider® harness limits unnecessary movement so your pet remains in a safe position throughout your ride.

Do a pre-check

Prior to riding, always check that the seat is secure by ensuring the screws are still tight and that no parts are loose or missing. 

Ride carefully

Transporting a pet on a bicycle adds weight to your bike frame. If your pet shifts its weight, corrective action may be required.

Take it slow

Keep your first few rides short and over smooth ground while you and your pet get used to the feel. Increase the length of your rides only when both rider and pet become accustomed and confident.

Never leave your buddy unattended in the seat

Due to its higher center of gravity, a bicycle may fall over if parked on its stand or without proper support.

Bring water!

Always keep your dog hydrated while cycling with them. Bring some water with you – especially on longer rides or hot days.

Yes, your pet is cute, but…

Do not allow your pet to become a distraction when riding. Always keep your focus on the safe operation of your bicycle, the rules of the road, the environment around you and other cyclists, pedestrians and vehicular traffic.

Read instructions carefully before placing a pet in this seat. Failure to follow these instructions could result in serious injury. By attaching the Buddyrider® pet seat to a bicycle you are acknowledging that you have read and understand the warnings and instructions. Please note that there are the inherent dangers that may be associated with transporting a pet on a bicycle just as there are to you when riding a bicycle and in no way is Buddy Ventures International Ltd. responsible if injury does occur. Only experienced adult cyclists, who are very confident in their abilities as a rider should transport a pet using this seat. The Buddyrider® is intended for pleasure riding only, if you decide to partake in extreme cycling with your buddy on board, you run a greater risk of injury.