• Jak's 2020 Niagara Falls Tour

    Jak's 2020 Niagara Falls Tour
    For the last few years Me and Jak ride to the Falls for kicks and ride back the next day.  Well? That time of the year is here already and WE both are READY. Jak and I LOVE THE Buddyrider. This is our 7th season riding together. Reaching almost 17,000 Kms.  
  • Sprocket

    I just wanted to send you a photo of my toy poodle Sprocket enjoying the  buddy rider. We bought it years ago for our mini-labradoodle who outgrew  it. Sprocket is happy and relaxed in the seat and we are so happy to be able to include him in our family bike rides. Thank you!
  • "Bodhi" Rider

    "Bodhi" Rider
    Just wanted to let you know how satisfied we are with our Buddyrider (well we call him the Bodhi rider since that’s the name of our beloved pet). We purchased it about five years ago when a friend mentioned she had seen it on Shark Tank. It is still in perfect condition. When I ordered it my husband thought I was a bit crazy. But since he saw my chagrin when it wouldn’t fit my bike he put it on his larger bike and since then just loves riding around with Bodhi. I think the smiles...
  • Happy Tail

    Happy Tail
    We purchased a Buddyrider so that our elderly terrier could come with us on bike rides. We weren't sure how she would take to it because she has become afraid of car rides. But as soon as we put her in the seat she was very calm and happy. She loves riding close to Dave! The Buddyrider is so well designed and so well made. Many thanks to you for creating this wonderful solution for pet lovers. Martha & Dave, Cambridge, NS
  • Keeping it cool

    Keeping it cool
    Mac LOVES his Buddy Rider!! We have had soooo much fun with it!! Stephani
  • "Mafia Man"

    "Mafia Man"
    Meet our mafia man, Bugsy. I wish we have a video of him squealing down the street. You'd not believe how happy this guy is! If my hubby gets ahead a little, Bug will stand up in his Buddyrider and stomp his front paws against the seat as if he is trying to make bike move faster.Amra
  • Riding in style

    Riding in style
    This Stella, she loves going for rides, and took to the Buddyrider right away!Daniela
  • Living the Highland life

    Living the Highland life
    Our West Highland Terrier, Daisy on her Buddy Rider.She's 11 in a few weeks time and she lives in Ennis, Co Clare, Ireland. She loves her trips on the Buddy Rider and really seems to enjoy all the attention.John
  • Never a dull moment

    Never a dull moment
    Wuggy and Kathy from Kennebunk, Maine on vacation in Key West. Can you tell how much he loves it!Kathy & Wuggy
  • Popular pup

    Popular pup
    Our buddy’s name is Monty from Shrewsbury, Shropshire.  (Breed is a cavapoo) He loves his new seat, really comfortable and so good to be able to take him out on long bike rides now.   Lots of people asking me where it’s from so you may get more orders from Shrewsbury!   Clair
  • Perfect Fit

    Perfect Fit
    Thanks so much for a great product. My 20 pound Aussiedoodle loves it and fits perfectlyI have had many size dogs and love being active with them. I could not find a suitable carrier as he is too heavy for handlebars and I did not want a rear carrier as I could not keep an eye on him. This one is perfect and allows me to handle the bike with ease.Thank you from Nash! Now he can join me on my bike ridesKathy
  • Old dog, new tricks

    Old dog, new tricks
    Thank you so much for inventing the Buddyrider. It has changed my dog’s life.My 15 year old mini schnauzer Boris, can’t walk long distances anymore because he has heart disease. The Buddyrider is perfect for taking him on longer excursions around town. Whenever we ride down Beach Drive in St Petersburg, Florida, we are greeted with smiles and comments like “That is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!“ and “Seeing your dog on the bike in his little seat has made my day!” A couple weeks ago we rode in the annual Tweed Ride sponsored by...
  • Happy Memories

    Happy Memories
    Sadly my Jack Russell Bongi passed away after living with a congenital heart condition for a few months; I feel I have lost my best friend and cycling buddy. I now have a whole bunch of happy memories of my time with my beautiful canine companion and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Colin, the inventor of the Buddyrider for his wonderful product. Bongi and I have enjoyed many cycling adventures together over the years and, last year we made a special journey up the wind and rain-swept Outer Hebrides for a local charity...
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