• Game Changer!

    Game Changer!
    I just wanted to share how much the Buddyrider has been a game changer for my dog and I's NYC life! Gemini is exercise intolerant and cannot walk long distances, but loves going to dog runs and central park; now it's so easy for us to bike anywhere and have a nice slow leisurely walk anywhere we want!  Much love,  Hana and Gemini
  • Making The Most of Their Time Together

    Making The Most of Their Time Together
    Maude has been diagnosed with a heart murmur so we decided to get her a Buddyrider so that we can enjoy some quality time together with the time she has left. She is super into it! Thanks Buddyrider! Tersha    
  • Record Breaking Buddy Ride!

    Record Breaking Buddy Ride!
    We love our buddy rider and just wanted to share our recent record breaking buddy ride with you! Our mini schnauzer, Parker, just completed 25 miles of the Pan Mass Challenge in his buddy rider with us! He loves his buddy rider and we get so many comments! He might be one of the first dogs ever to participate in the PMC! He is ready for 50 miles next year!
  • Buddyrider Love!

    Buddyrider Love!
    Eddie is a crippled rescue dog but has a great life thanks to Jerri. Jerri often takes him kayaking but bike riding is his favorite thing! Before the Buddyrider, Jerri would carry him on her back but at 17 lbs she was finding him a bit too heavy. Buying a Buddyrider has changed their experience. Jerri says " Best purchase ever! We love the Buddyrider"! Eddie is so cute with his glasses and hat!
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