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Here's what our customers have to say about Buddyrider

We installed our Buddyrider yesterday and took our toy poodle, named Daisy, for a ride. Daisy LOVED it! The product was very easy to install and it is a lot sturdier than I had expected. It is very solid/stable. Great product - congratulations and I wish you much success.

Jeff, Seattle, Washington

Ok - firstly I HAVE MY BUDDYRIDER and I have to say, I had very high expectations and this product blew them away!!!!! One ride and our girl Daisy (Daisy-Duke), was jumping at the bike for another. The product exceeds what I hoped for and is well built, makes my pup and me feel secure and she loves the wind on her head on rides. A++

Peter, Scarborough Ont

[Our dog] took to it like a duck to water and already has gone for quite a few rides. Even though Cody can be a little bit skittish he didn't show any fear what so ever with this. Thank you so much for your product. I am sure that we will be a good advertisement when we have him biking with us. He loves people and they are attracted to him anyways so with this it will even be more. For sure we will give a huge thumbs up when asked about the product. Thanks again. Cheers. 

Vickie, Jeff and Cody

I am already completely smitten with my Buddyrider, and will absolutely be recommending your wonderful product to my friends.


Oh my goodness, we LOVE our buddyrider. We received on Tuesday last week (fast delivery - thanks) and headed to Kejimikujik National Park camping on Thursday. Put Tika in her new "seat" and she loved it right away. We have been having so much fun riding our bikes around the trails at the park. However, we don't seem to get too far when someone stops us and asks where we got the neat bike seat for our dog. Thank you very much for allowing us to enjoy camping and all the experiences that go along with it like biking with our best friend.


Just wanted to drop a line to say how much Zander and I enjoy the Buddyrider. It's perfect--I had tried a trailer, basket in the back, and basket on the handlebars. They all had some major disadvantage for Zander or for me (he weighs 18 pounds). I retain good weight distribution and handlebar use with the Buddyrider

Karen, Edmonton

Yes, I have been using the Buddyrider with my JRT and would give this product a rating of 5 out of 5

Jeff (Sit Happens Dog Training Inc)

Got it installed on my bike yesterday, and we went for a test run today. It is great!! I said "Toby let's go in your Buddyrider" and he ran to the door (this is a dog that hides when he sees the leash come out for walks). He sat there like a furry little king as we went around the block. Can`t wait to go for some longer rides now. I love having him up close & personal.... much better than the trailer.

Felicity, Chemainus

Just want to share with you Tuco on the bike, it took 15 min to Install and works great! I'm a happy customer 

Nadia, Toronto

Recently purchased one for our mini schnauzer Fancy. She loves it, we love it! Great design, well made, perfect!! Great value, excellent price, packaging, and easy to assemble. 


My husband and I send much thanks for looking after our order! The personal assistance, professionalism and enthusiasm we received from both Shelley and Barry is outstanding.


Just got my buddyrider and absolutely love it. Its well built and easy to install. Most of all you don't even notice the extra weight and it doesn't impact steering at all. Nikki loves it, now to get some goggles and scarf!


I bought a buddyrider a few months ago, and wanted to tell you how much Eddie and I love it! Eddie is a crippled rescue dog no, but he has a great life! I often take him kayaking and bike riding, and bike riding is his favorite thing! I had a pack and carried him on my back, but he is about 17 pounds, and with a bulging disc, sometimes this bothered me a lot. He is too heavy for a basket on the front of the bike, so I was looking for something I could put on the back, when I stumbled across your page. Best purchase ever! I love this thing, and it was worth every penny!

Jerri, Georgia

It's the best investment we could have made. Our mini doxie has separation anxiety and we love bike riding, he loves it and we go everywhere with him. We are 100% satisfied.  Just wanted to let you know we are thrilled with our Buddyrider!

Gail and Robert

We have had the Buddyrider for a few years now.. the dogs love to sit and watch the world go by as the wind blows thru their ears..

Sharon, Ontario

This is an absolutely solid, well-designed, well-tested, quality durable materials safe product. Our West Highland White Terrier loves it. She is a senior dog, not much for walking great distances anymore, however from the day of her "inaugural flight" in her Buddyrider late this summer, she was an instant fan. In the dog world, there is only one experience better than riding with your head outside the side-window of a car; riding in front cockpit position on a bike in your Buddyrider. This product is a genuine warm smile generator, a consistent reaction from all those we cycle past who witness it, including regular queries on our cycling trips about where people can find one of these for their own dogs. The Dragon's Den team could not have been more wrong about this absolutely genius invention. This has been a great addition to our cycling daytrips which otherwise were occurring without McTavish until now. Thank-you. Best wishes for continued success.


Best Part of 2020..!

Literally my favorite part of this crazy year was purchasing a new bike and my buddy rider! I can not tell you how many awesome adventures my little rescue dog , Angel,  and I have enjoyed! Here are a few pics from our favorite spots in California! Thank you for such an amazing product and being a highlight in my year of craziness!


This is the best customer service I have experienced in my whole life. I appreciate everything you have done for me.

Riding with my dog on the Buddyrider is one of life's simple pleasures that I can continue doing during these COVID times.

Carl, California

We are here in Branson, Missouri and we have really enjoyed taking our Cotton De Tulear,  Maizie, for rides in the buddyrider. She is so happy to get to go with us!  We have taken her on multiple adventures and everyone makes cute comments like “can I ride too”, “she is so cute in her bike seat”, and “she is living her best life”. Some say funny stuff like “maybe my Mastiff can fit” or “is there room for me?”. I’m so glad you created this. 

Steve, Branson Missouri

I would like to thank your company so much for the buddy rider seat! Biking around Key West, FL is the main way to get around here and this seat has made it easy and convenient to take my little guy Bingley with me. Thank you so much for such a great product!

Emily, Key West, FL

We absolutely LOVE the Buddyrider! It has changed our lives & Murphy Dog's too in such a positive way! He loves to trail ride & mountain bike too! The Buddyrider has meant he can always come on camping trips & day trips too! Murphy doesn’t like to be left out of an adventure & will patiently make that known while we pack up the bikes.

Sheryl, Waterloo ON

I was on my bike along with my dog in her Buddyrider, when hit by a driver making a turn directly into my path.  I suffered a broken wrist and required surgery. Gladly,  aside from being just a little shaken up, my dog was safe and free from injury.
As soon as I was able, we were back on the bike. I can't begin to tell you how excited my dog still gets when she's spies the bike coming out of the garage.  
Glad we made the investment in your sturdy product.  I can't help but wonder if I had one of the soft carriers that attach to the handlebars if the outcome would have been the same. Thank you for making such a great product.


We got our Buddyrider's in July 2021. We absolutely adore them and so do our dogs. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for enabling us to spend more time with our ‘Buddies’ and have more adventures with them. You have greatly enriched all of our lives.

Treena, Mark, BC and Frankie Hein

I received the Buddyrider for our sweet boy Harry for Mother’s Day 2020. Harry is the talk of the neighborhood when we are riding! We love to see the double-takes and smiles we get when people see him enjoying his ride. Thanks for a wonderful product!

Harry is ready to go when I say “bike ride!” Thanks again!! 


Bringing along Patatas, our 10-month-old pug, to our bicycle rides has never been this easy.  We looked into carrier bags and baskets, but these simply cannot provide the same comfort and safety of Buddyrider. We’re able to bike through heavy traffic with our pug still in tow – all thanks to Buddyrider!

Ave, Manila, Philippines
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